GuyHumor is a men’s entertainment website and social media brand focused on promoting the funniest, hottest, and most relatable bro-tent (bro content) from around the web. But that’s just on the outside.

On the inside? Well, that’s where things get philosophical.

You could say we’re more like a bunch of wannabe keyboard comics who’ve devoted their lives and demoted their paychecks to bringing like-minded bros together through adult humor and recreation. Think of us as the “gatekeepers” between the good old days when men could be what they were, MEN, and today’s liberal lockdown, where the rate of masculinity is dropping faster than sexual assault charges in 2017.

So, what’s up with the “Probably not your girlfriend’s favorite website” slogan? Well, show our home page to your old lady and see for yourself. Nah, I’m just joking!

But being that nearly every guy’s wife or girlfriend who’s ever worked for us has hated the site, we thought it’d be a good fit. Plus, that’s how we want it! It’s supposed to be repulsive to the opposite sex because well, it’s not for them! Except for you cool babes who enjoy this kind of thing. You know we love you 😉

So now that you get the picture here, take a load off, loosen up that tie, unstrap those work boots, grab yourself a nice cold brew and join the guys on the internet’s man hub for everything humor and hotness!