Well guys it’s that time of year again. The time when good old Facebook starts cracking down on everyone’s pages with new algorithms to fight the infamous “fake news problem.”

If you were following us around this time last year, you probably remember our page getting banned and us having to completely start from scratch. Well, the good news is sites like Facebook don’t just go around banning pages for posting affiliate links anymore (thank god for that) but they’ve now implemented a new algorithm that basically kills your reach on any link.

And like getting arrested for the first time, once you’re in the system, you’re in. This unfortunately is where the next issue lies. Due to our own links being limited by the social media giant in the past, we’ve had to resort to changing our url, the quality of the content we post, and the amount of ads placed on the site (which is now a total of 0).

Because we were unable to sustain a stable revenue stream with our own website, we were forced to begin working with affiliates again (I know, not the smartest move but GH’s got bills man!) which is why you’ve probably noticed all the Viral Motion links being shared to the GH FB page. Now I’m sure you’re starting to piece things together. If you’re beginning to assume we’ve been thrown under the social media bus once more you stand correct. Our 1.1M follower page has been flagged due to posting either unrelative and/or just too many affiliate links. Luckily from what I’ve gathered through various sources is that the link reach block is temporary and should only last a week. So with that being said, the GuyHumor staff (my wonderful consultant and I) will be strategizing a new plan for the website and it’s future profitability via both social media and the web as a whole. So unfortunately there will be no post for a few days, but have no fear, we’re going to figure something out soon so we can stop all this on and off posting BS!!! I know, it’s pissing me off too! Have a good one my friends 🙌🏻