Sup my dudes, hope y’all had a kickass weekend. If you got on the site yesterday you probably noticed we had a little less post up than usual. That’s because I’m trying to get a few things situated, such as a like button and a comment area so you bros can finally start chatting it up and seeing what’s popular. Of course, once you add in my amateur coding skills and a theme that gives you trouble with practically every plugin, you end up spending a whole day just trying to get shit to function the right way. No worries though, there’s going to be plenty of time to fix ALL the knit picky stuff you guys won’t notice. But if you do see a few things going astray on the site, don’t panic, we’re not hacked or anything, it’s just my dumbass trying to work out coding kinks via trial and error.

Anyhow, we’re going to kick¬†off the morning with our Monday twerkin’ ritual as well as a few funny clips we’ve gathered over the weekend. Enjoy!