Fellas, if you find a girl like this, WIFE THAT bitch. I’m telling you, she looks goofy as fuck, but she’s a one in a million compared to all those boring straight shooters out there. Sure, you might take her to the bowling alley and yeah she “may” throw her ball through the tile roof, but hey!

At least you got a good laugh, right? Plus, what’s a few measly damage control checks compared to a life full of laughter and semi-petty frustration?

Take it from me, I’ve been married (I’m not married for the record, it just feels that way) to a bird brain for nearly six years and I gotta be honest with you, I haven’t laughed more with anyone else than I have with the blonde queen herself. And if ANYTHING keeps a relationship going, it’s sex. But if there’s anything that keeps things alive outside the bedroom, it’s laughter from pure stupidity.