Round three fuckers. Oops, will I get ghosted for cursing in the first sentence? Ah, fuck it. How’s life, my dudes? Keeping warm this morning (or afternoon)? We had a little “snow day” here in south L.A. yesterday. (I call it a snow day, but what it’s really like is like if everyone had a shitty snowball machine that malfunctioned at the same time, waited a few hours, and then just tossed all their ice in the front yard at once.) School closures, roads closing down, all that good stuff.

Anyway, let’s cut the small talk. We both know why you’re here, so let’s get to it. Your daily dosage of humor and hotness has been served, people!

For those who are still new to the Daily Chauv (or chav as we like to say it), it’s a compilation of our staff’s funniest memes, hottest photos, and best GIFs gathered and submitted throughout the day.

Submitted by: Mills Byron Leo John via Facebook

It’s not for everyone, so if you’re scrolling through here thinking “wtf?” it might not be the post for you.

That’s ok though if you don’t care for the chav just stick with the page, no worries.

For the ladies 😂

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