So after years of trying to get things right and countless dollars being tossed into what seems like an endless money pit, it looks like our time as a daily entertainment site is slowly coming to a close.

Sometimes, you just gotta wake up and smell the roses and realize shit just isn’t working, and I guess yesterday was that awakening for me. After spending the last few years making countless tweaks and improvements, spending thousands of dollars on maintenance, updates, hosting fees, contract work, and working 8-9 hours a day on a website that I still have yet to make a dime off of in the last 6 months, its time to call it a day.

(To be quiet honest, Google AdSense has taken over the game and if you can’t get approved by them and your niche isn’t considered “family friendly,” good fucking luck. You’re left with shitty ad networks who pay less than a cent in CPM and don’t reply to any of your emails. Which means you’re then left with even shittier ones who serve nothing but spammy ads that no blogger in their right mind would ever put on their website.)

It’s unfortunate being that, after all this hard work, money being spent, and now almost 50% of our traffic coming from sources other than social media (big win for us, since most of our traffics’s always come from Facebook) we have to slow things down. But at the end of the day, if I can’t at least make this site self-sustainable, then it’s not a good investment and I think most of you can understand that.

Now that’s not to say that we’ll never post, or we won’t be back in full force at some point in the future because to be quiet honest, I don’t think I could ever let this dream die. But the amount of time I spend here versus growing our presence on social media and bringing in advertising deals for the brand is about to drastically change.

Anyway, I hope you guys understand my dilemma here. I just wanted to give you bro’s a heads up because you least deserve an explanation for what’s going on.

Much love,

  • Zac A.K.A GuyHumor Staff