As I’m sure most of you heard, Facebook has recently announced that they’re now making a full sprint towards a “family friendly” experience. That means you guys are now even less likely to see us in your newsfeeds (for those of you who use Facebook to reach us).

So in light of these recent changes, we’ll be taking a few days off each upcoming week to focus on finding new ways to keep you guys engaged. Whether that means cleaning up the site, creating new promos for t-shirts, or improving navigational functionality (making it easier to navigate from post to post, etc.), we’ll be using this time to better your experience on our website. I know not everyone here is from social media, so for those who aren’t, we apologize. It’s our fault for building our brand on someone else’s platform, and we are paying the price for it.

Anyway, I’ll try to give you guys a heads up when we do take these maintenance days, but if you get to the site and there’s nothing posted for that day, just remember we’re most likely making updates. Peace out!