Every group of bros has “that guy.” You know, THAT GUY. The friend who is somehow completely oblivious to the fact that his behavior is annoying, inappropriate, and is also drying the panties of every woman in a 15 yard radius. He might be an old high school buddy, or a friend from back home, or he might be a guy who is cool to hang out with 50% of the time—but the other 50% he’s a raging asshole who ruins the game of all the other bros in the group when you’re around chicks. Let’s take a look at some classic That Guy behaviors, and remember—don’t be That Guy.

Getting Too Wasted

Hopefully your friend doesn’t look like this dashing gentleman on the left. But he has a lot in common with That Guy: he doesn’t know his limits and makes himself look like a jackass in front of everyone. You might be talking to a honey at the bar and getting ready to seal the deal, but sooner or later That Guy has to make his presence known by stumbling up to your conversation, wrapping his arm around you, and making sure everyone can smell the alcohol on his breath while he tells you about how he’s going to bang a fat chick tonight. Funny in some situations, but that girl at the bar will instantly associate you with That Guy’s drunken antics because he’s your friend, and suddenly it’s not looking like a done deal after all. Also related: the guy who starts doing shots at 9 a.m. at the tailgate and is loudly vomiting 10 feet away from cute college girls in tiny shorts by noon.

Giving Too Much Information

Usually happening at the same time as getting too wasted, That Guy has no filter and will say the first thing that comes to his mind. Sometimes this might be something hilarious, but most of the time it’s something totally inappropriate—for example, randomly bringing up how you had a stripper’s ass in your face last weekend, or how your ex is giving you the evil eye from across the bar. Either way, That Guy doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut around chicks, and will inevitably end up saying something that ruins your game.

Being Loud and Obnoxious

That Guy doesn’t know how to control the volume of his voice, and will make things awkward by talking over other people or laughing too loud. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but That Guy is just having a little too much fun. You might be in the middle of a conversation with a chick when he walks up and inserts himself into the convo then starts talking over her, or even worse laughs at everything she says in an obvious attempt to flatter her. Not only is this a turn-off to her, but also to every other woman in the bar who can hear his donkey laugh from across the room.

Being a Bad Wingman

Bros who make good wingmen know their job—to distract a girl’s friends and to seem fun and cool while you zero in on your target. They know that their behavior reflects on you too, since you’re in the same group of friends. That Guy does not understand this concept. He’ll draw too much attention to himself by trying to be too funny or trying to outdo you—which defeats the whole point of being a wingman. Or even worse, he might end up like the poor guy in this picture. It’s a scientific fact that neither of those guys got laid that night.

Getting a Little Too "Grabby"

This one comes from personal experience. Dudes who exhibit all of the previous behaviors—getting too drunk, having no sense of personal space, etc.—will probably grab a chick’s ass or boobs at some point without being invited. While it’s hard to blame That Guy for wanting a handful of the girl in the low-cut dress after he’s about 7 or 8 shots deep, it’s a behavior that will instantly turn a girl off (unless she’s also about 7 or 8 shots deep, in which case you have about a 50/50 chance of either getting slapped or getting laid). That Guy should know better by this point in his life that he’s ruining his buddy’s chances to get some action by being too pervy. Save it for when you already have her in bed.