Round 15, shitsticks!! How’s my Facebook crew doing this chilly afternoon? Keeping those fingers and toes intact? We had a little freeze over in south LA this past week. Nothing like you guys get up north of course, because we both know I’d sound like a bitch for complaining about the mini “ice ages” we have down here in the swamp.

Speaking of the north, what’s up with these fuckers in Oregon? We shared an affiliate post about the “gas pump situation” going down there yesterday and it was the first time I had ever heard about gas station laws in the U.S.

Apparently, it’s “against the law” to self-serve yourself at a gas station over there. Like what in the actual fuck?

Then you’ve got people complaining in the comment section, saying you need a “professional” to pump gas because idiot drivers can’t be trusted. Like every individual in Oregon has the instinctive urge to light a cigarette with a blow torch after coming within 5 feet of a gas pump.

Jesus Christ, man. The worst part is, you’ve got grown adults claiming that they have NO IDEA how to work a gas pump, saying they won’t learn because they “shouldn’t” have to. Are you serious?

That’s like my kid going through middle school without knowing how to tie his shoes because his mom always did it for him. And now 3 years and her kicking the bucket later (maybe she got in a car accident, I threw a toaster in the bathtub, I don’t know, stick with me), he’s rocking velcros to high school because he thinks he “shouldn’t have to” learn how to tie his own shit.

Anyway, If you’d like to check out the thread and give your two cents on the topic, you can do so here.

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