Round 13, cum pumps!! (Haha I may start using dirty nicknames with the rounds to kind of change things up, still thinking about it though) How are all my fellow Chauvians doing this afternoon? Getting your last minute preparations in for tomorrow night? I sure as hell am. Got my ass a fresh bottle of whiskey all ready to go and my Crown Royal glass all polished looking like I just stole it from the bar (it was an accident alright, but it’s mine now 😁). You could say I’m ready to bring in the new year like a champ 💪🏼. Ok, so maybe my NYE won’t be all so exciting, but who gives a fuck. We all have our own ideas of subjective sublimity, right?

Anyway, enough about New Year’s Eve. Y’all ready for today’s dose of humor and hotness?

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By the way, check this shit out 🤣

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