Round 20!! Alright, broskis. It looks like it’ll be another day of keeping it short and sweet. I ended up spending the entire morning and afternoon trying to sort out a few issues on the site and time just got away from me. The good news, other than you not having to listen to me rant, is that today’s chav might be the best collection of SFF humor and hotness so far 😏

As usual, if you’re new to the daily chauv, don’t worry, we got you covered 👍🏼

The chauv (or chav, we’ll probably never decide on what to stick with) is a compilation of our staff’s funniest memes, hottest photos, and best GIFs gathered and submitted throughout the day.

It’s probably the greatest post on the internet, but I’m sure most of you already know that by now 😉

It’s certainly not for everyone. So if you’re in here thinking “What the fuck did I just click on?,” it may not be the post for you.

No worries. Not everyone cares for the same things, we get that.

Just stick with the page if the chav’s not really your thing. We still love ya 😘

If you’d like to check out yesterday’s chav, you can do so here. Just remember, posts not labeled with an (SFF or safe for Facebook) are going to be a little more “against the grain” in terms of content.

As always, you can submit your funniest memes, hottest photos, and coolest GIFs via email at for a chance to get featured on the site. Have a good one, brothas!