Round 17, chodes!! Haha “chode.” I haven’t heard that word in a while. Probably since my middle school days. What does it mean again? Oh yeah, “cheese dick.” Lol, when your penis looks like one of those giant cheese wheels from Albertsons.

Speaking of, have you seen how expensive those motherfuckers are? Like $80 for an 8” thick 4lbs piece cheese.

First of all, who THE FUCK needs that much cheese? Unless you’re throwing a party for the whole block or your street name’s “the cheese whiz,” there should be no reason to be taking out a second mortgage for that much cheddar.

Anyway, that’s my short irrelevant but relevant rant for today. The chauv has already begun, so as we normally do, I’ll get our newcomers acquainted.

For those joining us for the first time, the chauv (or chav, really goes either way) is a compilation of our staff’s funniest memes, hottest photos, and best GIFs gathered and submitted throughout the day.

The SFF stands for “safe for Facebook.” It’s kind of a workaround for the goodie two shoes that own our asses on social media (btw, if you ever start your own internet brand, don’t get into adult humor. Stick with cute dog blogs or cat compilation websites.)

Not to say you shouldn’t go for your own niche or something you enjoy. I’m just saying the future of the web is inevitably going in Facebook’s direction, and that means censorship will only keep getting worse.

With that being said, I could probably name a thousand other reasons you shouldn’t pick what I’ve chosen as a career path, but we’ll save that for another time. Just know that whatever you do in your entrepreneurial lives, for those of you that are entrepreneurs, make sure you love it. Because at some point, that love might be the only thing holding things together.

Ok, so moving on. As we always mention, the chav isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

No worries though. We know not everyone’s gonna care for the same stuff we do.

If that’s the case for you, just stick with the page. No big deal! We still love ya 😘

If you’d like to check out yesterday’s chauv, you can do so here. Just remember, posts not label with an SFF are going to be a little more “against the grain” in regards to offensive content.

As always, if you’d like to send us your content to be featured on the site or any of our social media channels, you can “submit your shit” via email at Have a good one, brothas!