Round 12, twat pockets!! Only 3 more days until the shit show we’ll soon know as 2018 begins. A brand new year filled with new and exciting possibilities, new dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled, a new iPhone update with a bug in it, and most importantly, new memes, photos, and GIFs to share with you all. I won’t get all sentimental, but just know I really appreciate you guys and gals coming in and engaging with the content. It really helps us grow the site and fine-tune our direction for the future. And that goes for ALL of you, because not everyone here is just from social media 😁

Anyway, enough chitter chatter. Your daily dose of humor and hotness has been served, my dudes. Let’s get it!

As usual, if you’re new to the daily chauv, we’ll get you up to speed.

 The chauv (or chav for short) is a compilation of our staff’s funniest memes, hottest photos, and best GIFs gathered and submitted throughout the day.

It’s what we like to call the greatest post on the internet, but that’s just how we feel about it 🤘🏼

It’s certainly not for everyone. So if you find yourself thinking “what the fuck did I just click on?,” it may not be the post for you.

Don’t sweat it, we don’t expect everyone to care for the same stuff we do. No big 😉

Just stick with the page if the chauv’s not your cup of tea, no worries. We still love ya!

So we’ll be opening up sort of a “shop,” if you will, in the next few months. We’re not exactly sure what to call it just yet, all we know is it’s gonna be flippin’ sweet. It’ll basically be like an online Spencer’s, (if you’ve never been to a Spencer’s, it’s essentially an adult humor store filled with offensive clothes, crude signs, huge dildos, stuff like that) jam-packed with a continuously updated collection of hilarious t-shirts, dirty gag gifts, adult games, and much more!

The actual “shop” won’t be up for a good minute (waiting for the old trusty web guy to finish a few other projects). But in the meantime, I’ve put together a few items you’ll soon see in the store. Feel free to check ’em out!

As always, if you’d like to see your content posted on the site or any of our social media channels, you can “submit your shit” via email at Have a good one, brothas!